Initially I was a little “ho hum” about Loreen’s entry in Melodifestivalen (the contest which leads to Eurovision) in 2011, “My Heart Is Refusing Me”. It kinda sounded like someone had put Swedish lyrics into “Google Translate”.

I have since come to love this song, thanks largely to seeing her performance at the Swedish Gay Gala in 2012. The song, which went on to represent Sweden at Eurovision was Eric Saade’s “Popular” was very good, even though, of course, it was musically a rip-off of Boney M’s “Rasputin” and Lilli och Sussie’s “Oh Mamma”.

But it was the Gay Gala performance that convinced me how great the song was, and what a terrific performer she is.

And of course, the reaction of the audience is terrific! In the midst of a bunch of nameless people, you get to see some well known (for Sweden) performers performers really getting into it. Swedes have a reputation for being quiet and reserved, which I know, from my many nights at many venues including the now, sadly closed, Victoria’s, isn’t true. The Swedes love a good sing-a-long.

Support schlager band plays at Victorias
Support schlager band plays at Victorias

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