Camera Roll

Some recent photographs.

My cousin recently celebrated her 45th wedding anniversary and sent me this shot, taken in Casino, NSW in 1973 featuring mum, dad, and an awesome seven year old hipster.

Spotted these two on the way home from work. Can’t decide if their human was in at the barber or the pub next door. Awfully cute.

Though it’s many years since it closed, the sign lives on, along with many fond memories of awesome pizzas and the lovely people

Giggled slightly when I saw Christmas in July (being in May and currently 18 degrees not minus 18).

Christine Anu performing at the LGBTQI Awards

LGBTQI Awards Crowd

Deborah Cameron Funeral

One thought

  1. I remember Deborah’s name and her face but I could not place her with searching. Terrific patterns on the young James’ shirt and tie.

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