Darwin Photo Gallery

I’m back in Sydney after a couple of weeks in Darwin for work. It was an awesome time to be there, as the “wet season” hasn’t arrived yet. However, there were a couple of days of high humidity combined with high temperatures. On two separate days, I arrived at work with a slightly damp shirt.

When I wasn’t at work, I got to experience a little bit of the Darwin life-style. Obviously not the same as living there, and obviously not the same as being a complete tourist. There were, however, quite a few things which made me smile. Here’s some of them.

Love these artworks by Tarzan JungleQueen and Matthew Van Roden, I spotted on the outside of a carpark on the walk home one night.

Tasting the top end, with emu, crocodile, kangaroo (not strictly top end, since kangaroos are found further south) and wallaby.

A couple of nights out on the town, enjoying the “gay life” of “Throb” nightclub, and Tuesday night, “Drag Queen Bingo”.

Classic NT News Headline - Millman Rogers Federer

Classic NT News Headline – Millman Rogers Federer

Stubbie Holders - CU in the NT and Darwin Pride

Number of stubby-holders I owned before coming to Darwin : 0. Number of stubby-holders I now own : 2. Thanks to friends and family for the gifts. One for each hand!

“Would you live there?”, my friend Sue asked me over dinner tonight. “Nah… cyclones”.

  1. vgeller@aol.com September 17, 2018 at 02:42

    James, if you’re in Sydney, and in ultimo? my LA client , steve chiotakis, drive host from kcrw in santa monica, is visiting glover show right now…go say hi???? Xx Vg



    1. He was here last Thursday, when I was in Darwin.



  2. Darwin feeds us lies. We were there midwinter, 30 every day and so humid. So out of character, locals told us. I think they lied Nevertheless, we liked our short holiday there. Now my memory fails me, but there was a gay bar there in a train carriage. It had closed by the time we visited but was the carriage still there or had the apartment development on the site began already? 2005 was quite a while ago. I think the bar Throb was operating when we were there. Such a shame that the thriving gay area at Cullen Bay has died, but then Melbourne’s gay metre, Commercial Road, and Sydney’s gay mile, Oxford Street, is not doing too well either. Times have changed. I have enjoyed your Darwin posts.



    1. I remember the restaurant in the train carriage. Had the worst pool table in history – deep incline.



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