Surry Hills Stories

As I begin to reflect back on 2017, one of the most fantastic things I’ve been involved in this year has been a story-telling project called Surry Hills & Valleys. As I wrote previously… A few months ago a friend and I got together over dinner at a restaurant in Surry Hills. Compared with many, […]

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Christmas Music in Sweden

They’ve been playing Christmas music in the shops for a few weeks, and Christmas is still two weeks away! Here in Australia, there’s a certain cringe factor with the likes of Michael Buble and Mariah Carey with their “Christmas Albums”. However, as I’ve written previously, the Swedes seem to love it, and at this time […]

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At Last, But Still Some Way To Go

“It has passed!!”, was the text I receive from a colleague late this afternoon. As I was at “Christmas Drinks”, I missed the actual moment when the marriage equality laws passed through the Australian Parliament, but I received a bunch of messages from friends, family and workmates to tell me so. David Marr summed it […]

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MONA in Hobart

“There’s nothing like a few hours at MONA to clear your brain…” I said to an older woman I shared the lift with a few hours ago. In contrast to her view there was “so much to think about”, my view is that a visit to MONA helps you “not think”. You come in, forget […]

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Moves Like Tina

As I watched episode one of “Tales Of The City”, I looked over at the beautiful rainbow sunset out the window. Although I’ve flown many, many times I don’t think I’ve ever noticed something like that before. As much as I wanted to lean over and take a photograph, there was a man in the […]

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Bruny Island

It’s funny how the phrase “the mainland” can mean two quite different things in Tasmania. You would assume, on the surface, it’s a reference to the “rest of Australia”. But on ABC Radio’s “Country Hour” the other day, I heard someone from King Island refer to “the mainland” as the “rest of Tasmania”. And I […]

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Aløft in Hobart

Over dinner, we talked a little of our memories of the lunch we enjoyed at the world-renowned Noma, when it operated briefly in Sydney. With only a limited run in Sydney, it was something we had planned several months for. And even now, eighteen months later, I still remember almost every detail of the experience. […]

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Art on Victoria

The other evening as I was walking “home” to my apartment in Hobart, I happened upon an interesting public art project. The lane-way I thought was going to be a short-cut to home, turned out to be a delay, as I enjoyed “Art On Victoria”. I popped back today to snap a few daylight photographs. […]

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My Week in Hobart

Ten years ago, or even five years ago, I’m sure I could have been tempted to top off the evening with a nightcap at the nearby whiskey bar. But after a long day at work, several courses of food at Aløft, and a fair few glasses of beer, wine, and an Aperol spritz, we were […]

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Hello Hobart

For most domestic travel, and even some international, I can usually get by with carry-on luggage. A couple of pairs of shorts, a couple of polo shirts, a couple of collared shorts, some jeans, some socks and jocks and even a suit can be comfortably accommodated within the carry-on limit. This time around I’ve brought […]

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Lost Animals

You know how ugly those hoardings on construction works can be? Chip-board. “Do not enter” signs. That kind of thing? The other week I noticed there’s a new approach that’s being taken by the City of Sydney. I first saw it at the old fruit and vegetable shop on Crown Street, Surry Hills, currently under […]

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Busy Weekend (Eating)

There are weekends when I, quite literally, barely leave the house. Though I’ll usually still wake early, I will often head back to bed for an early or late afternoon nap, and spend the time in between reading, listening, or watching various things I’ve accumulated during the week. Then, all of a sudden, Sunday afternoon […]

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Catching Up

“How long have you been back?”, I was asked the other night by a colleague about my trip to Spain. “Only a week”, I told her, though I had to think about it for a moment, because so much has happened in the last seven days. Normally, I don’t have much luck getting through customs. […]

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Discarded Torso

I never cease to be amazed at the things which are “discarded” in my back laneway. Yes, there are couches, fridges and all manner of home furnishings. But there’s also been a wooden leg, some oddly constructed furniture made from 44-gallon drums, and now this which has a slightly S&M feel to it. It’s an […]

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