Gorgeous tall trees in a state forest are the Gympie Muster setting

Genealogy Rant

I have been active genealogist for most of my life. Early in the piece I would use all manner of software, including Family Tree Maker etc. But as my interests moved on from compiling extensive lists and gedcom files, to being more about the story, I haven’t bothered so much with that kind of approach anymore. Oh, and I absolutely abhor Ancestry.com for the way … Continue reading Genealogy Rant

Catching Up

“How old do you think Tony Sheldon is…?”, we asked each other during half-time yesterday in the latest production of “Priscilla, Queen Of The Dessert”, currently playing at Sydney’s Capitol Theatre, which I attended with my friend Sue, and her mum, visiting down from the country. It turns out he’s 62, and in remarkably good shape as a performer, playing the role of Bernadette. The … Continue reading Catching Up

Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens

There’s something really terrific about being a tourist in your own town, especially on a weekday. On weekends, the area around Circular Quay is full of both tourists and locals enjoying the space. But on a weekday, most of the locals are still at work, so it’s just you and the tourists. The only locals you’ll see are retired people and those running around at … Continue reading Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens

Potentiality for Love (2018) by Eija-Liisa Ahtila


“Oh, it’s two-thirty, it must be time for a nap”, I thought to myself a couple of hours ago. On a Monday? Yes, because it’s Day 1 of my “stay-cation”. The last time I had a “stay-cation”, this blog tells me was almost exactly five years ago. Before that, and ever since, my time off from work has always involved some kind of travel, whether … Continue reading Stay-cation

Wendy’s Secret Garden

“Oh look, there’s Wendy, doing the washing up…”, my friend Sue commented, as she pointed towards the upstairs window of the house Wendy Whiteley has lived in for almost fifty years. Downstairs, at the entrance to the house, a number of women had gathered to read the sign declaring the NSW Government had promised to keep the garden open to the public. “I still wouldn’t … Continue reading Wendy’s Secret Garden

Upcoming Rixon / Goodwin Family Reunion

Through my mum’s side of the family, I’m a descendant of the convicts, James Rixon and Amelia Goodwin, who came (were sent) to Australia in 1798 and 1800 (respectively). For many years, James was buried in an unmarked grave at Windsor in the (now) western suburbs of Sydney, until a couple of years ago when a plaque was placed on the nearest approved approximation known … Continue reading Upcoming Rixon / Goodwin Family Reunion