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Pappa ledig

Inadvertedly, a few weeks ago I booked for a "Chicksflicks" screening of the movie "Mamma Mia". I enjoyed the movie very much, and on the upside was presented with a "goodies bag" of, apparently, appropriate items. In contrast, tonight I went along to a "men's night" focussed on men's parenting, where there was also a ...


"He's definitely his mother's son", I whispered to my friend, as we saw Ronan Farrow walk on stage at the Sydney Opera House yesterday. Though famously part of the Woody Allen-Mia Farrow extended family, he's become more famous in the last year or so, thanks to the articles he wrote about Harvey Weinstein, and sexual ...

Torch Strong Trilogy

Then & Now

By the time I got home on Friday night, I was absolutely exhausted. The last week has been crazy busy. At work, I have an important role to play in co-ordinating part of ABC Radio's response to breaking news events. Last week's "leadership spill" had me working long-hours throughout the entire week, with a high ...

Tim Minchin and Ben Quilty

In the (probably) fifteen years I've been going to Art After Dark at the Art Gallery of NSW, I've never seen a crowd like this before. My colleague Jo (who is a big fan of Tim Minchin) and I agreed we needed to leave work a little early today to make sure we could grab ...

Indonesian Earthquake

My friend Damien and his wife were on Gili Air when the recent earthquake occcured. Damien spoke on ABC Radio Hobart about the experiences they encountered.

Record Player

Camera Roll Catchup

Though I have some other stuff I'll blog about later, here's a few of the photographs I've taken in the last week, and the stories behind them.

Waverley Cemetery

A friend and I went on a walk this morning, hosted by the Friends of Waverley Cemetery, which was excellent. We were the only two on the tour, so it was very personalised, and our guide, who was passionately interested in history, even helped find the grave of one of my ancestors. Awesome waterfront views, ...

Passage between Wilshire Lane and Crown Street, Surry Hills

White Rabbit Gallery

I was half expecting to see a new exhibition at Sydney's White Rabbit Gallery when Sue and I popped in there today. Instead, it was the same exhibition I saw a couple of months ago, which I thought was okay, but didn't really love with the same amount of passion I've felt for previous exhibitions ...