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Born: Lismore; Lived: Brisbane, Bourke, Renmark, Wagga, Perth, Sydney | Work: Radio | Love: Travel, Genealogy, Sweden, Family and Friends.


Points Of Difference

After work last night I wandered home and watched television for a while. After having dinner at the "Happy Garden" Chinese restaurant (which has an outdoor area with fans, where you can have a beer as well), It's Saturday morning and I think I may have malaria, or at least I think I have "gone ...


Gotta Work

It's almost lunchtime Friday. After my first day at work, I paid a visit to Woolies to buy an alarm clock and some wine to take to Penny's. Penny is living with two other people in an older-style Darwin home (about 20 years old). Unlike some of the newer Darwin homes, this one has lots ...



I arrived in Darwin late last night. The four-hour flight was surpisingly empty and I had a doubleseat to myself, so I slept most of the way. A glass or two of red wine helped, of course. When Iarrived at about 11.20pm local time. I was expecting it to be a lot warmer than it ...


Leaving Soon

It's Monday night. I still haven't packed, I still haven't organised the house, but I'm getting there. working slowly doing what I need to do, and stopping from time to time to watch "Big Brother", and, since I have just moved the computer, I thought I'd pop online briefly to check my mail etc. It's ...


New Life?

It's late Saturday night. I still haven't packed, I still haven't organised the house, but I have set up an Online Diary, so I can record all of my thoughts and feelings while living in the Northern Territory. I hope this period will be a significant one in my life. A real turning point. The ...