Some Photographs

In the last few weeks I haven't found much time or inspiration to write, so this is a bit of a photographic catch-up. In the week after Mardi Gras, a few of us organised a Trivia Night. It was an awesomely fun evening at The Chippo, a pub in Chippendale. One of the evening's co-hosts [...]

Life Update

"You got a big weekend coming up?", a number of people at work asked me this week. "Are you planning a big outrageous night", Maggie, the bar manager at my local pub, asked me earlier tonight. Although I'll often pop up the road for a look at the start of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian [...]

Flying Home

Back in the day, one of the oddest things about flying in and out of Lismore was the stop-off in nearby Casino. Literally half-an-hour away by road, and eight minutes by plane, the aircraft would take off from Lismore, head towards “Parrot’s Nest” a location half way there, and immediately begin the descent. Passengers from [...]

Federal Election Predictions

Tonight I went to an event a Twitter in Sydney about the federal election, with an awesome panel including people from Fairfax (Tory Maguire), Sky (Laura Jayes), Nine (Chris Uhlman) , Buzzfeed (Alice Workman) and New York Times (Damien Cave). As well as awesome drinks, canapes and views, there was also an awesome discussion. These [...]