Darwin Festival Opening Night

Somewhere in my collection, I still have an original vinyl copy of the Yothu Yindi album, “Tribal Voice”. Though I liked and played the album a fair bit, it was the dance remix of the song “Treaty” that really brought them to my attention, and made them a favourite. And after that, there was a terrific remix of “Djäpana (Sunset Dreaming)” which, to be honest I think I preferred over “Treaty”.

Yothu Yindi

They performed both songs tonight, as the feature act performing at the opening of the Darwin Festival.

Yothu Yindi

For the second time in fifteen years, they performed with the original line-up. They performed a show in Queensland recently, but this was their first on home-turf which made it very special. Musically, visually, and politically, they’re as strong as ever. In the midst of an awesome version of “Treaty” (which had everyone on the dance floor), there was also a lengthy performance sequence about West Papua.

There were some other musicians performing tonight also, including a Darwin singer, Caiti Baker.

SA Singer, Adrian Eagle was terrific.

And I loved seeing singer, Ali Mills, who I first discovered through this awesome version of “Waltzing Matilda”. Later, I learned more about her role in the Mills Sisters, and that awesome song, Arafura Pearl”, which she performed tonight.

Ali Mills and her grandson, Brendan

A VERY memorable night.

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