Wedding of Albert Bernard O’Brien and Bertha Ann Dunn

Wedding of Albert Bernard O’Brien and Bertha Ann Dunn. Witnesses were Eunice Dunn and J.A. Doyle who I presume was Jack Doyle of Crown Street, South Lismore, as the death notice for the wife of J.A. Doyle Northern Star Thu 20 Aug 1942 says he worked at the Broadwater Sugar Mill which is where Albert also worked. Lizzie Doyle is aged 41 according to the report, and by the look of Jack he was also in his 40s. I can’t be sure, but this looks right, I think.

2 Replies to “Wedding of Albert Bernard O’Brien and Bertha Ann Dunn”

  1. Hi J.
    not sure if you know or not but have been showing mum and dad bits and pieces about the family, and mum let me know that the attendants in your mum & dad’s wedding photo were Noonie (Eunice) and Bob Pitt. Evidently Bob and your dad played in a band together. Mum thought your dad played the violin and Bob Pitt played a couple of different instruments.

    have a great trip




  2. Thanks for solving the wedding pic problem. I actually have that pic on the wall above my computer (I’m looking at it now), and so often wonder who the bloke was. I’ve never bothered getting mum and dad’s wedding certificate, though I probably should. I knew the woman was Noonie, as I remember years ago mum or dad saying that dad had initially begun taking noonie out for dates, and that’s how he met mum!! I was aware of the band, though not entirely sure about the details.


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