McLean Shipping Records

Allan McLean

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  1. Greetings from Canada, on this 23rd day of November, 2011. I am interested in knowing from where you were able to procure the Shipping Record for Allan Maclean. I note their is no ship mentioned, nor is the date marked, but I saw on your page that you were possible referring to the British King. My ancestor John McFarlane came out on that ship in 1839, but I have been able to track doen these elusive Shipping records, to which I see references all over the place. Any thoughts on where I might find them? I have tried State Records of N.S.W. but they do not list MY John McFarlane on that boat, so the list seems incomplete. Cheers, Owen Hughes, Canada.


  2. No, it is not the “Brilliant” at all – I made the silly mistake of reading through your very interesting and lengthy text AFTER posing that comment. Getting a bit frazzled after another day on the computer! I had people coming from Tobermory on the other two ships, the “British King” in 1839 and the “George Fyfe” in 1839/40. I have a partial passenger list drawn from a variety of sources for the “George Fyfe” but can find nothing much on the “British King” in spite of, as I say, seeing constant references to Shipping records in N.S.W. Great site, however, and thanks for getting back to me.


    1. Am a descendant of Parlan and Ann(Campbell) MacFarlane (MacPharlain) of Achnoacroish, Isle of Mull who emigrated to Cape Breton Nova Scotia in 1820 – he was a son of Peter MacFarlane who drowned in 1781 when Parlan was born- family tradition note a cousin who went to Australia after being advised by the Nova Scotia group to go where the frost and snow were less – John was the name of the cousin. It is believed although not certain that Peter’s father was John MacPharlain.
      I live on the MacFarlane property in Mull River, Cape Breton Nova Scotia.
      Jim St.Clair


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