Elizabeth Love Obituary

With thanks to Lesley Ford, here is the an obituary which Lesley also acknowledges was it was supplied by Jan Johnson, from an Illawarra Paper 1878…

In the following issue of the 5th instant, a notice appeared, announcing the death of another lady, whose life had almost xxxxxx? a century, and whose connection with this district has been long and intimate. We allude to Mrs. John Hore, relict of the late Mr. John Hore, and mother of Mr. Charles Hore, of West Dapto. The deceased lady reached the great age of 96 years. Her residence in this colony, was about coeval with the history of its colonization, she being only ten years of age when she arrived in Port Jackson with her parents.

She therefore constituted one of the population of Australia 86 years out of the 90 years of it’s existence as a British Territory. In her last days, few if any other persons in this or any of these colonies could say so much in this respect. She was one of the pioneers of Australian colonization in the true sense of the term, having whitnessed the rise of this great dependency of the British Empire from a state of absolute barbarism to its present proud and important position as a civilized community and unexampled field for enterprise.

Mrs. Hore resided many years in this district with her husband and a large family, of which Mr. Charles is the younger member. She survived her husband several years, however, and for some considerable time past she resided at Sydney with one of her daughters, Mrs. Phibbs. It was only latterly that her health, which hitherto had been of the most robust character, began to fail, and finally, on Sunday 7, the 3rd instant, her spirit passed away from it’s earthly tenement, which from sheer decay of nature, had become incapable of longer retaining it.

Her remains were brought per steamer, on the following Monday evening, and on being landed at Wollongong were conveyed to St. Francis Xaviers Church, where, in the absence of ther Rev. Dean Flanagan, the Rev. P O’Reilly of Dapto, performed the usual ceremonies of the Roman Catholic Church on such occasions. In the forenoon of the same day, the funeral cortege proceeded to the Catholic cemetery, West Dapto, where the remains were deposited with the sacred dust of some of the relatives of the deceased who had gone before. The Rev. P O’Reilly officiated on this occasion also, and the mourners included friends of the deceased from Sydney, in addition to Mr. Charles Hore, and several members of his family.

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