Love Family Reunion

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  • James O’Brien gave me a contact email address for Margaret Cooper, as she was trying to contact me. I answered but as far as I can gather, I haven’t had a reply. Maybe it was missed as we were away for a month in July-August. (Or maybe I had a wrong email address ?? Not sure)
    So I saw this & would be interested in emailing someone who is after the LOVE info etc. I can put what I have onto CD BUT as there are many alive in my program, I wouldn’t like it ONLINE.
    I am not sure YET if we could get up to Rockhampton, but still would like to.

    Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Pauline Rice, Bowral, NSW.

  • Hello and congratulations on the forth coming Love Family Reunion, I am in the process of trying to find my family, and his name is John Love as well, but he married a Sarah Milner. I dont know how he came to New Zealand, but Sarah arrived aboard the ship Martha Ridgway. John’s father was Mr Love and his mother a Mrs Love from England, I have been able to trace Sarah’s family way back but unfortunatly nothing on my John Love.
    I have a brother and all his family living in Australia
    Regards John

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