Bertha Ramsey

I have no information, at this stage, about the earlier life of Bertha Ramsay until she married William Rixon in 1908.

William Rixon, born 1868 at Towamba, near Eden, NSW was the eldest son of Thomas Rixon and Jane Laing. He had a relationship with his first-cousin, Ellen Laing, who was born 1875 at Towamba was, the daughter of Donald Laing/Lang (the son of a Scottish convict, James and a Scottish imigrant, Janet) and Sarah Higgins.

They had several children together, including John (born 1897), Bertha Rixon (Bertha Ellen) (1902), Ruby Amelia (1904) and Barney (1906), although John and Bertha’s birth records do not list William as the father. The evidence suggests John was raised by his grandparents, Donald and Sarah, as he was listed on Sarah’s death certificate in 1920.

William then married Bertha. They had five children: Thomas William (1909), Gladys May (1911), Annie (1914), Bertha Dorothy (1923) and Marcus (1924) and all were born in Victoria. William Rixon died August 22, 1929 in Bairnsdale, Victoria.

I do not have a death record yet for Bertha.

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