Hibiscus spotted on Poate Lane, Centennial Park
Hibiscus spotted on Poate Lane, Centennial Park

I spotted THE most gorgeous hibiscus today on a back lane-way in Centennial Park.

It was one of those moments when I just had to stop and take a photograph.

It was one of the first things I showed a friend when I arrived at his place for lunch. He had spotted it also, remarking that it really stood out on an otherwise greyish back lane-way.

Lunch was fun, as you might expect.

And after a few hours sitting, chatting and listening to music I came home for an afternoon nap.

Gosh I was tired. It’s been a reasonably exhausting twenty four hours.

I went out on a “date” last night. My first in quite some time, and I was thus a little apprehensive. But we had a good time.

And then I needed to be home, as I had a few overnight work commitments.

By the time I’d listened to a few hours of radio, fell asleep, woke up and listened the next item I wanted to hear, and then had a further nap, my body clock was beginning to show signs of tiredness similar jet-lag. I wish.

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