My noticeboard
My noticeboard

I think I mentioned the other week, I’ve recently “secured’ the job I’ve been acting in for a while. And so the process of “settling in” to my new office continues.

I reckon I’ve got one of the best offices on my floor actually. It’s a good size, has a lovely red couch for visitors, has a nice view of the city, is warm in the winter (a bit hot in summer), and I’ll soon be looking out at the construction of the new UTS building designed by Frank Gehry.

I’ve also got a really great pin board. Long before I moved in, they put a blue pinboard on a yellow wall which is kinda like the Swedish flag (kinda weird eh?).

For the last year I’ve been decorating my office in a “student style” with token bits and pieces of my design. I re-arranged the workstation as soon as I moved in to face the person who comes to my door. I removed some of the older, crappier furniture. I’ve got some photographs on the wall from the previous occupant I’d like to remove, but haven’t done so yet. Bit by bit though I’m trying to make it mine.

Today I put up a calendar a colleague brought back for me from her recent trip. It’s a calendar featuring Catholic Priests. Yes seriously.

So there you have it. My life summed up in a pin board. There’s radio. There’s Sweden. And there’s Catholicism. There’s nothing else to say, really.

Otherwise it was a fine day which ended up, as per usual for a Wednesday at the pub with mates. As I’ve been away for a few weeks, and as Swedish class has moved to Wednesday nights, I was so excited at being able to get to the pub that I actually made it there before 6.

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