Lunar New Year

"This is better than Vivid", I said to my friend, visiting from Canberra, as we walked around the Lunar New Year Lantern Display around Sydney's Circular Quay. "Every year", I told her, "it rains a Vivid", the festival of light held in Sydney. And even though it was awfully sticky tonight - we're waking most [...]


"I really love French disco from the late 70s to the early 80s", I whispered into the ear of my friend, Sue, as we watched and listened to the DJ, and waited for the show to start, a production called Pigalle at Sydney Festival. DJ warms up the crowd at Pigalle at Sydney Festival As [...]


I had the most fantastic nap this afternoon. I caught the bus from Canberra, and was asleep before we even left the city limits. When I woke, we were already at Liverpool. In preference to the train, or a car, or a plane, I really like the bus trip between Sydney and Canberra. Although it's [...]

The Start of 2019

It's almost fourteen months since Reko Rennie's beautiful artwork at Taylor Square was painted over so the building could be "more attractive to rent out". The other night, wandering along Oxford Street, I noticed the "For Lease" sign was still there. A sad start to the new year, I thought, as I really love public [...]

Photographs of Snow and Ice

In the midst of a warm summer in Sydney, I've been watching friends post photographs of snow in Europe. Their photographs have inspired me to go looking for photographs from the past where I've experienced snow myself (which I love) taken in Sweden and Iceland. Walking on ice in Stockholm Glacier in Iceland Milesgarden in [...]

Christmas Week

Chatting with a colleague yesterday, she told me she felt "terribly organised" for Christmas this year, in a way she hadn't been previously. This surprised me, as she's ordinarily a "terribly organised person" in my view. "It must be the placement of the days", she told me. And indeed, it was lovely to have three [...]