Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #3 : Molitva

Continuing my “Eurovision Countdown” and highlighting another wonderful song and performance. And highlighting something which I wish there was more of in modern Eurovision: songs in languages other than English. This song is awesome, and was easily my favourite from 2007. Marija Šerifović from Serbia. There’s an English language version, too, but in my opinion, it lacks the passion of

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Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #2 : Loreen at Gay Gala


Initially I was a little “ho hum” about Loreen’s entry in Melodifestivalen (the contest which leads to Eurovision) in 2011, “My Heart Is Refusing Me”. It kinda sounded like someone had put Swedish lyrics into “Google Translate”. I have since come to love this song, thanks largely to seeing her performance at the Swedish Gay Gala in 2012. The song,

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Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #1: Loreen at Melodifestivalen

Melodifestivalen 2013

As it’s now exactly one month until the Eurovision Song Contest final, I thought I might start sharing each day some of my favourite moments from Eurovision and Melodifestivalen (the Swedish contest). This is from Loreen from Sweden who won with Euphoria in 2012. Interestingly, the first Indigenous woman to win the contest (Berber from North Africa). The year afterwards,

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Lismore Floods

It’s about a year since the last big floods in Lismore (my home town) in Northern NSW. My sister’s house is on the left in the featured photograph, and the house on the right is one I considered buying a couple of years ago. I suspect the value of the property is a fair deal LESS, now. My family still

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The Eastern Suburbs G&L Choir

A couple of years ago, I wrote the following: Twenty five years ago (or thereabouts) I remember attending the National Choral Championships in Wagga Wagga. Although it sounds fairly tame, the championship organisers found themselves the subject of national media interest, as they asked the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir to change their name to the “Eastern Suburbs Choir” (or

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Quiet Easter

There was a moment the other night, Good Friday night, at around 11.00pm, when I stopped for a moment and marvelled at how quiet it was. Though there’s normally a low level traffic rumble where I live, it was almost eerily quiet. Though other people like to leave Sydney for the Easter Weekend, the peace and quiet is one of

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Eating Out and Going to The Pub

“Tell us about yourself, tell us your new job title, and what’s your ‘signature dish’”, we were asked today at work in an ice-breaker, ahead of an all-day workshop. In the midst of the largely female group in which I work, I was one of two blokes who struggled a bit. While my colleague offered “barbecues and fruit salads” as

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Out And About

I really struggled to think who would be the best person to include as my “plus one” for the invitation I received to the Sydney premiere of the new film, “Love, Simon”. It’s a new American coming out film which focuses on a young man (final year of high school), who is “outed” by a fellow classmate in a moment

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Melodifestivalen 2018

Standing at the bus-stop yesterday and looking down at my phone (as seems to be the fashion these days), I felt a nudge. I looked up and saw the smiling face of a colleague. We both share a passionate interest in the Eurovision Song Contest, and she opened with the line, “Is this the worst Melodifestivalen in living memory?”. I

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