Brief Visit To Darwin

At about three o’clock this morning, I woke to the sounds of thunder, rain and croaking frogs. Though I’d only been in Darwin for just over 12 hours, it was a welcome relief from the heat and the humidity.  “Look after yourself. It’s only a 90 minute time zone difference. But the heat and the […]

Sweden’s Second Best

As we head towards this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, I’ve been keeping up to date with all of the different national finals. Last weekend, Australia chose “Don’t Break Me” by Montaigne. “Fair enough”, I thought to myself, though I much preferred Casey Donovan’s song, which I thought was more anthemic, and had a stronger performance. […]

Sydney’s Lockout

I got excited yesterday morning. I heard on the radio there were going to be a bunch of late night parties around Sydney to celebrate the end of the “lock-out”. The lock-out was introduced six years ago, in response to a series of alcohol-related violent attacks. As I recall, those attacks occured much earlier in […]

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