Yearly Review – 2018

Andrew Olle Media Lecture

"Where will you live? Will you live in Goonellabah?", a relative asked me on the phone the other night, when I told her about my retirement plans, which involve returning to my hometown, Lismore. "Oh no, not Goonellabah, but most definitely somehwere on the hill, probably East Lismore", I told her. Having grown up on [...]

Things I’ve Seen Lately

On behalf of everyone in Sydney, I felt so incredibly embarrassed recently. Though I don't subscribe to that whole Melbourne/Sydney rivalry thing (both are terrific cities), I know that many people in Melbourne believe Sydney-siders are an uncouth bunch of yobbos. A gross generalisation, of course, and if you look at the stats, Sydney-siders are [...]

Recent Dining

It must be a decade, maybe more, since the glory days of the Grand Pacific Blue Room on Oxford Street, Sydney. They had good food and service, and they were located in an imposing building which, sadly, has remained empty for a number of years. That particular part of Oxford Street, which was once vibrant, [...]

The Busy/Quiet Time

As you may have seen on the news, we had quite a big hail storm in Sydney this week. Or should I say hail storms? There were two distinct storm periods in my part of Sydney, separated by a half-hour period of stunningly bright sunshine. I'm lucky to live in the middle floors of an [...]

Back To Tamworth

For a brief moment today I was transported back to Tamworth (NSW), and in particular the Country Music Festival. The launch of the Golden Guitars for 2019 was held today at my workplace in Sydney. Attending, I was reminded of being one of the judges, and making my way through a crate-load of compact discs. [...]