Thelma and Gwen

At the pub tonight, we were discussing Thelma Scott and Gwen Plumb, apropos of absolutely nothing. I was reading my friend Graeme's blog the other night and was reminded of the story of Thelma Scott. We all remembered her vividly, and with fondness, as a character from Number 96. With that inspiration, I went on [...]

Swedish Boyfriend

According to this article in The Local... A catchy hit inspired by a lovestruck Tokyo girl’s new life in Malmö has soared to the top of the charts in Japan, as a wave of Swedish influences washes over the country's musical landscape. Aita Katta (Swedish Boyfriend), by 48-member (!) girl band AKB48 has rocketed straight [...]

Swedish Class

Swedish class was a lot easier this week, and therefore a lot more enjoyable. Amongst the many things we did this week was listen to, and study the lyrics from the recent Melodifestivalen hit song, Snälla snälla by Caroline af Ugglas. Grant did a terrific translation of the song, and I brought a CD along [...]

Earth Hour 2

"It's doomsday man", I overheard a bloke say on his mobile phone as I walked through Surry Hills tonight. He was obviously waxing lyrical about the power blackout that affected much of the city for about two and half-hours this afternoon/evening. As I walked home to Surry Hills from my work in Ultimo, the first [...]

Family History Research Day

Today, as part of my ongoing family history research, I found a great website featuring Historic Australian Newspapers, 1803 to 1954. I don't know how long it's been around for, but gosh it's fantastic, as it contains a searchable database of newspaper articles you would otherwise need to visit the State Library to see. For [...]

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