Sooner or Later (We all eat alone)

I had a really yummy meal tonight at Snakebean, a great little cafe/take-away on Oxford Street. It was a lotus root salad, with pork and prawns (with a small amount of accompanying rice). Accompanied by a glass of Pinot Grigio, it was the perfect end to a long and busy day that was book-ended by [...]

Cityrail Complaint

You know how some people hate trains? They just can't stand travelling on them. They think they're dirty and smelly. That, or they hate the timetables, or they don't go in the right direction. Or they fear for their safety after a certain hour at night. Well, I actually quite like trains. But there's one [...]

Quittin Your Job

On the weekend, my friend Andrew mentioned he wasn't really very happy at work, and hadn't been for quite some time. Still I was surprised to read in his blog that today he quit his job, without another one to go to. It's a brave move in many ways, but Andrew is very employable and [...]

Twenty Four Hours

It's Saturday night and I'm half-watching "ABBA - The Movie" on SBS TV. It's not the first time I've seen it, and it's not the first time it's been on television. It's the first time, however, it's been shown on SBS and I can't decide if their decision to show it relates to the current [...]

Bill Henson and Brian McFadden

I'd arranged to meet The Other Andrew at Edgecliff Station, ahead of going to the Roslyn Oxley Gallery to see the latest Bill Henson exhibition. At the momenmt, Henson is probably Australia's greatest art-photographer, though he invites controversy as his work often includes photographs of adolescent nudes. I'd been to the retrospective of his work [...]

Parkham Street

Parkham Street, Surry Hills is a topical little street if ever there was one. I received a tip-off yesterday the City of Sydney were being asked/told by the State Government to remove all of the trees in the street to allow it to be used as a thoroughfare for World Youth Day. When I turned [...]