4A Edition

The latest work, by Jae Hoon Lee, is quite different to last year’s works. First, it’s printed on photographic paper. Second, the theme matter and style of the work borders on “fantasy”. As explained the accompanying blurb… I recently re-subscribed to the 4A “Edition” Series, and picked up the first work of this year’s series, […]

Shen Saomin exhibition at Sydney’s 4A Gallery

“Oh my goodness, there’s a naked man in the corner”, I noted to my friend Kate as we entered the new Shen Saomin exhibition at Sydney’s 4A Gallery. I’m not sure if he’ll be there all the time, or was just there for the opening night. But, there he was, a naked man, seated in […]

New Art Work

There’s something very exciting about getting one of those “Australia Post Cards” in your letterbox, isn’t there? Sometimes you know what’s arrived at the post office, other times you don’t. This morning, as I went to the post office, it was a combination of both. I was pretty sure it was an artwork from 4A […]

Edge of Elsewhere

I’d highly recommend an exhibition Kate and I attended the opening of tonight, at Sydney’s 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. It’s a gallery space which mostly features work by Australian artists who have an Asian cultural background, but often in collaboration with people from other cultural backgrounds. As you enter the downstairs part of […]