Great Views

As someone who works from an inside office on the second floor of a building in Ultimo, I couldn’t help but be impressed as I gazed out the window of Governor Phillip Tower. Sneakily, I took a photograph, worried that I might be picked up by a security guard concerned I may have been a […]

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Airport Reading

For my recent trip north I bought two books at the airport; one going up and one going down. As I’m quite interested in politics, especially the electoral process, on the way up north I settled on “The Crikey Guide to the 2007 Election”. Although I found much of the book went through material I […]

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Harbour Day

It was one of those really great winter days in Sydney, where the sky is blue, the sun is warm, and there’s lots to do. Although unfortunately I didn’t make it to the Italian Festival in East Sydney, I had a really enjoyable day hanging out around Circular Quay and Walsh Bay. The day started […]

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In stark contrast to last week when I went to the Unisex Amateur Strip Night, tonight I went to a rather erudite discussion at Glebe Books about the forthcoming Federal Election, followed by tapas at a nearby Spanish restaurant. The occasion was a discussion between former ABC journalist and now political aspirant, Maxine McKew and […]

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Makes Me Cry

It’s late at night and I’ve just been watching the film, “The Sum Of Us”, and once again I found it a teary affair. There’s one scene, in particular, that gets me every time I watch this film. And it got me wondering if this was a normal reaction? Well of course it is, as […]

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Three People

I mentioned the other day on this blog that I’d received an autographed copy of the new Edmund White biography. When I got around to putting this in my bookcase, I just sat down for a while and had a look through some of the other autographed books I’ve been lucky enough to obtain. As […]

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Edmund White

I had a lovely surprise at work today, being presented with this autographed copy of the new book by Edmund White, an autobiography. White had been in to work a few days ago and I’d mentioned to a colleague how much I’d enjoyed A Boy’s Own Story (and after that “The Beautiful Room Is Empty”) […]

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The Dismissal

Although I was a child (10 years old) when the Whitlam Government was dismissed, I was fairly politically astute for my age. I knew about and was interested in politics, although I didn’t come from a particularly political family. I found this book interesting on several levels, both in the choice of those asked to […]

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Sins of Scripture

Although I’d heard about John Shelby Spong as being a fairly liberal Christian, I wasn’t really aware of the detail of his theology until I read this book on a flight between Sydney and Adelaide. Yes, while the rest of the plane was reading the Da Vinci Code, I was reading another book which seeks […]

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Graham Kennedy

I’ve really loved Graham Kennedy for a long time. My earliest memory is of his return to night time television in the 1970s. One of the unfortunate parts of living in the country in this period was dodgy communications which meant that the “live” Graham Kennedy show from Melbourne was often disrupted due to telecommunication […]

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Not Happy John

I quite enjoyed reading this book, “Not Happy John” by Margo Kingston on the plane between Perth and Sydney and then Sydney to Melbourne. Because it had lots of interesting things to say, I thought it was a good page turner. I must admit, however, there were times when I had to skip, either because […]

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