Back in Brisbane

The sunrise over Brisbane on Monday was really beautiful. Even the city’s ugly buildings looked good against the backdrop. I wouldn’t normally have been up and about so early, but I’d woken at 4.00am Brisbane time. Most days I wake at about 5.00am, but because of the change between daylight saving time and regular time […]

It’s Like I Never Left

Back in Brissie for a few days… The first thing I noticed was sitting, waiting for a train at Roma Street, and about half the men were wearing shorts. “Oh yeah”, I thought to myself, “you can wear shorts in Brisbane in the middle of winter” That’s the thing about coming back to Brisbane that […]

Back In Brisbane

Every time I pay a visit to Brisbane, I invariably ask myself the question “should I return to live here?” Having grown up in Lismore, and having family here, Brisbane was a fairly obvious choice for me for university during the 1980s. The first three years I spent in Brisbane (1984-1986) were memorable. During the […]