Life Right Now

Bunya Nut Art

I haven't updated for a while, so I thought I'd share a few recent photographs which capture the essence of life lately, and things I've observed over the last couple of weeks, including The Long Weekend. We went to the opening of an exhibition, and we caught up a few days later for an afternoon [...]

Camera Roll

Here's a bunch of photographs I've taken over the last few weeks, which I thought might interest. There's no coherent theme, just stuff I've noticed recently, or which gave me a smile, in the neighbourhoods around inner-city Sydney.

Camera Roll

The last week or so has been crazy busy. Though part of me thinks "I've been busy, but haven't really done much", I really have. I've been to the theatre, I've had wonderful dinners with colleagues and with friends. I've also gone on some wonderful walks around my neighbourhood. And another adventure is about to [...]

Theatre and Art

The last few days have been "action-packed". As well as work during the day, I've had quite a few social activities this week. Trivia night on Wednesday. Thursday night going to see a play, part of Late Night Library at Surry Hills Library. And then yesterday afternoon/last night, we popped in to 4A Gallery, and [...]

Camera Roll

The long-running garage in my street has closed and moved to Peakhurst, I discovered this morning. As I don't have a car, I've never actually entered the business in the twenty-something years I've lived here, though I've often glanced inside, as I've walked along the street or the back laneway. I noticed it, as I [...]