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History Repeats

“Are you related to one of the cast?”, I was asked by one of the women on the door, handing out tickets for the ANU student production of “The History Boys”. “No, I’m just in town for the week and looking for nice things to do, and this seems like fun”, I told her. On top of that, “The History

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When you talk to people about Canberra there are often a lot of negative stereotypes. There’s the political thing, of course. But there’s also a perception that it’s dull, suburban etc. In contrast, I have really positive views of Canberra. I lived and worked in Canberra for a while, and usually visit once or twice a year, and I really

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Red Chilli

Having previously written a few times about Sydney’s Red Chilli restaurant, I was super excited to discover one in Canberra too. Over a bottle of wine and great conversation, a colleague/friend and I enjoyed a most excellent dinner there. Ham, eggplant, fish. All brilliant. Highly recommended (AGAIN).

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Wide Brown Land

Wide Brown Land sculpture by Marcus Tatton, Chris Viney and Futago

I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea, Her beauty and her terror – The wide brown land for me! – Dorothea Mackellar Here are some photographs I took today of the sculpture “Wide Brown Land” by Marcus Tatton, Chris

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Australian Of The Year

Ben Roberts-Smith

It’s been a few years since I’ve travelled to Canberra for the Australian Of The Year Awards. The last time was, I think, 2010 (or thereabouts). Through my work, I have a close relationship with the team organising the awards, and was involved in setting up ABC Radio’s live coverage of the announcements. Having helped set things up, I travelled

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Canberra Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens, Canberra

I learned more about Australian plants in an hour walking around the Botanic Gardens, Canberra than I think I’ve learned in my life. Although I was a member of the Gould League as a child, most of the detail about banksias and grevilleas has never really sunk in. I love plants, I’m just not one for “detail”. Ask me to

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Roll of Honour

The PM escorts the students through the Roll of Honour

Earlier today I was really proud to speak at the launch of the “Soundscape” project at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Briefly, I was on stage with the Prime Minister, the Minister for Veterans Affairs, the Director of the AWM, a representative from Google (they’re building an app), and with a young student who participated in the project. In

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Parliament House – Canberra

A trip to Canberra is not complete without a trip to Parliament House. Like everyone else today, I marvelled at the architecture and the symbolism of the design. But I suspect I might have been the only one who went for a wander in the nearby bushland. I really love how Parliament House is surrounded by Australian native plants. Here’s

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The Vinyl Lounge

Vinyl Lounge at the National Film & Sound Archive

As I entered the room (a few minutes late) they were playing some early-70s rock music from Rod Argent. Shortly afterwards, they played some Captain Beefheart. “Oh dear, this is not my kind of music”, I thought to myself. But I decided to stick around, because I thought it was such a cool idea: a once a month vinyl records

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National Portrait Gallery

Charles Teoh by Adam Chang

One of the really great things about the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra is that you already “know” so many of the people. And as you already come to the works with feelings about the individuals, I think you experience a greater connection with the works than you might otherwise experience walking around an art gallery. There again, because you

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Toasted Sandwich on the Menu

Yabby jaffle

At one of the entrances to Monster, a restaurant/bar in Canberra, there’s a row of bicycles. For a brief second I wondered if they might have been the bicycles used by the staff to get to and from the restaurant, though I quickly concluded they were probably there “for effect”. “It’s very hipster”, my friend Patrick commented. The other thing

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