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The view from the thirteenth floor of the ABC building in Ultimo, Sydney

Though it can sometimes be cold, wet and miserable in Sydney during winter, it can also be totally awesome. And yesterday, in the midst of our visit to the NAIDOC Week Arts Festival, I took a brief walk out in the sunshine. I sat down, I closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the awesomeness of [...]

Winter Nights

As we sat and waited for the performance to begin, I had little idea of what to expect. My friend invited me, on the recommendation the work had been curated by a colleague at the ABC, Daniel Browning. Daniel presents "Awaye", a weekly program about Indigenous arts and culture. And one of the most awesome [...]

Surry Hills Laneway

Surry Hills Laneway

One of the great axioms I follow while travelling, but never nearly as much at home is : take the path less travelled. When I'm travelling, I'll often change my travel route at whim, because something looks more interesting. But tonight, as I was heading towards the bus-stop on Crown Street, I diverted from my [...]

Food, Glorious Food

It was near impossible to get a taxi in Kings Cross on Friday night. "You see what happens when they introduce lock up laws, and try to gentrify the place?", my friend said, as we waited for a taxi. Having seen a play at Hayes Theatre, we walked along Darlinghurst Road, remembering the days when [...]

Always was, always will be

Always Was, Always Will Be

For the past few years, the artwork "Always was, always will be" by Reko Rennie has been a feature of Taylor Square in Sydney. Striking, stunning, colourful, and a bold statement about Aboriginal land, I always smiled when I saw it. But, as reported a few weeks ago... The council announced on Friday that the [...]

Old Darlinghurst Gaol

Even though I've been to the National Art School on countless occasions, and I've been on several history walks which have touched on its history as East Sydney Tech College, and before that as the Darlinghurst Gaol, I've never really had much knowledge of the change chronology. So when I saw something on Eventbrite a [...]

Darlinghurst Dinner

It started with a cough on Tuesday. A persistent cough. I was in a series of quite important meetings, and apologised profusely to my colleagues about my cough. Later in the afternoon, I wandered home. And almost as soon as I arrived home I had a "Hillary Moment", as I've since joked about. Within minutes [...]