Therese Ritchie

Though I’ve never heard of her before, I instantly fell in love with the work of Therese Ritchie, after seeing the exhibition “Burning Hearts” currently showing at the Museum & Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin. The gallery descibes the exhibition as: A survey exhibition of one of Darwin’s most committed and socially engaged artists. […]

Monsoon Season

Most of the photographs you see online of Mindil Beach (Darwin) are of the sun setting into the ocean. The famous markets, held during the Dry Season attract thousands of people every year, for a wonderful collective experience. I really love the photograph above which I shot at low tide on Mindil Beach a couple […]

Brief Visit To Darwin

At about three o’clock this morning, I woke to the sounds of thunder, rain and croaking frogs. Though I’d only been in Darwin for just over 12 hours, it was a welcome relief from the heat and the humidity.  “Look after yourself. It’s only a 90 minute time zone difference. But the heat and the […]

Sight-seeing Sunday

“The music they’re playing reminds me of when I used to live in Bourke”, I said to Sue. Jimmy Barnes’ “Working Class Man”. The Choirboys’ “Run To Paradise” and others took me back in spirit and mind to the late 1980s. The customers too had a 1980s “Aussie Bloke” feel about them. Most of them […]