Darwin Photo Gallery

I'm back in Sydney after a couple of weeks in Darwin for work. It was an awesome time to be there, as the "wet season" hasn't arrived yet. However, there were a couple of days of high humidity combined with high temperatures. On two separate days, I arrived at work with a slightly damp shirt. [...]

Darwin Tourist

Florence Falls

Outside working hours, I've been doing a few tourist things during my stay in Darwin, including a sunset cruise and a trip to Litchfield National Park. On Tuesday, Kate and I went on a sunset cruise around Darwin Harbour. As there's quite a few to choose from, I did some research, and settled on a [...]

Wonderful Darwin

Mindil Beach Sunset

"Excuse me, Sir, you'll need to show me some form of I.D.", the young man at the bottle shop said to me tonight. That he was probably half my age, didn't help, and so I put it to him that I was 52 years of age and hadn't been asked for I.D. in about thirty [...]

News Values

Darwin Harbour Cruise

Although the big news of the day was the Victorian election, the headline which caught my attention today was the banner headline of the "NT News": "Woman falls out of paddy wagon". Isn't it a story you just WANT to read. Don't you just know it's going to be a great yarn? Or could it [...]

Cruising in Darwin

I was seated on the top deck of the boat on the "sunset cruise" on Darwin Harbour when the woman next to me asked me where I was from. I told her my story and then asked her about her story. I found out she'd been living in Darwin for a couple of months visiting [...]

Another Sunset

Darwin Sunset

Yes, I know what you're thinking. "It's another bloody photograph of a sunset. First it was Cairns and now it's Darwin. There's got to be more to Darwin, surely?", I hear you saying. Of course there is, but this trip is a work-trip and most of my time is being spent in work-related activities. Tonight [...]