Discarded Torso

I never cease to be amazed at the things which are “discarded” in my back laneway. Yes, there are couches, fridges and all manner of home furnishings. But there’s also been a wooden leg, some oddly constructed furniture made from 44-gallon drums, and now this which has a slightly S&M feel to it. It’s an […]

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Though it’s been a few years since one of my “discarded” posts, I’ve been keeping an eye out for new and interesting stuff left in the back laneway of my apartment in Surry Hills. Sadly, there hasn’t been anything as “interesting” as some of the items you’ll see below if you follow the link “discarded”. […]

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Second Hand Store

“Oh my goodness, that looks just like something I made in wordwork class thirty-something years ago” was my first reaction when I saw the shell-covered jewellery box in the second hand shop on Oxford Street late yesterday. On closer inspection, I noticed this one displayed a greater level of professionalism (you might say) than might […]

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Although I know for a fact a lot of people in my ‘hood really hate it (our Body Corporate sends regular reminders the City of Sydney has regular pickups for large items), I really quite like that people use our back lane-way as a short-term dumping ground for items they no longer need. By doing […]

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Discarded Wheelchair

Although it’s been quite some time since I posted something in my “Discarded” category, I was instantly compelled to do so tonight. My “Discarded” category of posts is about the interesting and unusual things often left in my back lane way for other people to take away. Although I realise the dumping of old furniture […]

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Communal Garbage Rooms

Only in Surry Hills would you find not one, but two, “artificial limbs” in the communal garbarge room of your apartment block. Calling them “artificial limbs” is a little dramatic, I know, as they’re just part of a mannequin. But using the phrase “artificial limbs” sounds a little more dramatic. And I did feel a […]

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Fully Sick

As I left the house I couldn’t help but notice the rather exotic looking bar stool in the back laneway. There were shades of “The Sound of Music”, I thought to myself, with the material looking like discarded 70s curtains. “The chair underneath must have been REALLY bad”, a mate commented when I showed him […]

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Discarded Wardrobe

As I walked to work this morning I snapped these shots of a wardrobe which has been literring the back laneway. I can understand why it hasn’t been taken away already, as it’s pretty old and crappy on the surface. But then as you look closer, you notice the Britney Spears stickers, and you really […]

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So Cold

Another day, another discarded item. Yesterday I mentioned the terrific sound system I found in the back laneway. Today, it’s a lovely sloppy-joe I bought at the Salvation Army store near Oxford Street. And tonight I’m wearing it for the second successive night. Winter has arrived in Sydney (well, autumn really, but it’s chilly enough […]

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Sneaky Sound System

As previously canvassed on this blog, I’m a great fan of the discarded furniture and such that’s often found in my back laneway. At a philsophical level, my view is there’s enough crap in the world without adding to the level of consumerism by polluting the planet with even more useless crap. Clearly my neighbours […]

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Domestic Sunday

I’ve spent 30 minutes or so tonight doing some hand-washing. Unfortunately my washing machine is acting up at the moment. It does it from time to time, regrettably. Normally, I just need to power down, let it rest, and then it’s back and fully operational. Let’s hope that happens again. Co-incidentally, I noticed someone had […]

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Discarded Everything

It’s been a while since I did one of my “discarded posts”. Hi Andrea! There’s no particular reason, other than my neighbours haven’t been throwing much out lately. There was a paper shredder, mind you yesterday, which I picked up on the way home. It didn’t work, which is why they threw it out I […]

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Discarded Desk

Although I’m not sure exactly what kind of desk I’m after, I’m looking for a new desk at the moment, something larger than the one I currently have. I’m finding that with a scanner, and a printer, and an external hard drive, and digital set-top box, and other assorted paraphernalia, I’m running out of room. […]

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Discarded Computer Screen

You know how I often take photographs of crap people leave in my back lane-way and call them “discarded posts”. And then I rabbit on about similar items I’ve had on the past. It’s usually some crap old furniture nobody wants any more, but tonight I found something actually quite useful. I found a 17 […]

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Discarded Couch

I was awfully tempted to hook the baby-poo couch to my back and walk it up the stairs when I saw it in the back laneway the other day. Although the colour is hideous, it looked extremely comfortable to my couch connoisseur’s eye, and I thought it would have looked great on my balcony. I […]

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Discarded Leftovers

You know what it’s like when you can’t find something. No matter where it should be, it just isn’t. I have this problem with the Foxtel remote, at the moment by the way. So you look in the bookcase, underneath your bed, you check the fridge, you check the oven, and the suddenly you realise […]

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Best Post Ever

Apologies, first of all, to The Other Andrew for another grainy photograph from my camera phone. Yes, it was taken in almost complete darkness and it needed some basic photoshopping, but I honestly couldn’t resist taking a photograph of the leopard skin lounge suite I noticed on Nickson Street the other night. I’d never seen […]

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Ironing Board

On the way to work this morning I noticed someone down the road had thrown out their ironing board. That makes sense, I thought. I mean, who needs an ironing board? I loathe ironing, absolutely loathe it. It’s boring and it’s pointless. I mean, once you’ve ironed a shirt and put it on, you almost […]

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