Diwali in Delhi

In contrast to my experience at Madrid Airport the other week (where I made it through security in less than five minutes), it took much, much longer at Delhi Airport. The man at airport security looked me up and down several times, and asked me the same questions over and over. Even with documentation, he […]

Sawdust and Pink Detergent

Half way through the flight from Madrid to Delhi, I woke briefly. The cabin was in darkness, but still I could see the man in an adjoining seat was laying down flat on the cabin floor. “That’s a bit odd”, I thought to myself, but closed my eyes and attempted to go back to sleep. […]

Flying from New Delhi to Madrid

If you gaze out the window of the Air India flight from Delhi to Madrid, there’s some truly wonderful landscape to behold. There’s an area (in particular) to the north of Baku headed towards Tbilisi, where the snow capped mountains, combined with rolling clouds, had me entranced. Though my preferred seats are generally aisle-side, I […]

Are We In India Yet?

There’s a terrific episode of “The Simpsons” where the family travels with Apu to India, and where Homer keeps repeating the line “are we in India yet?”. Chuckling to myself, I kept saying the line over and over in my head, because it now makes sense completely. It’s a long way to India. In the […]