Tropical Fruits Street Parade

“Is that it? Is that all there is?”, I overhead some visitors say, a bit surprised at how “short” this year’s Tropical Fruits Street Parade was. I was a little inclined to agree, as I remembered the last parade I attended seemed to be a little larger, and there were more people on the streets […]

Tropical Fruits Or Not?

I felt like a double-agent as I sat and quietly had a beer at one of the local pubs in Lismore this afternoon. It’s a pub which has been traditionally a very “working man’s pub”, but which seems to have embraced the LBTIQ+ Tropical Fruits celebration this year, with lots of rainbow flags. They also […]

Stock Photographs

I can’t decide if I was more angry or more sad (I was both), as a few of the speakers at a talk I attended this morning spoke about “faking disability”. Something I didn’t know about until this morning’s talk, was that if you go through some “stock photograph” libraries, you can actually find groups […]