I don’t really know what to say about the floods in Lismore, except they’ve had a deep impact on me, even though I’m many hundreds of kilometres away, and even though for the most part, I’m reasonably relaxed about floods at home, as I have written previously. “Yeah the river’s up, but it’s nothing to […]

If I think about all of the things which have happened in terms of gay life in Lismore during my lifetime, there’s a lot to reflect upon. As a teenager, I remember the homophobic editorials from Jim Brigginshaw, Editor of “The Northern Star”. I remember doing a school project, aged 16, where I was part […]

“Does the airport still operate at Casino?”, I asked Pat the other day. She’d picked me from Ballina Airport and we were driving home to Lismore. After a moment’s hesitation, she confirmed she was “pretty sure” it had closed. With both a sense of fondness and incredulity, I remember the flights from Sydney to Lismore […]

I suddenly realised tonight I don’t know the name of the arched bridge connecting North and South Lismore over Leycester Creek via Wilson Street. It’s not “The Wilson Street Bridge” because that’s the name of the soon to be opened bridge which connects Wilson Street with the Industrial Estate, hopefully easing traffic on Union Street. […]