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Such a long way to Perth

The two things I remember vividly about my time living in Perth in 2004 were: the time zone difference and the long flights involved. I remember getting a phone call at 4.30am from someone on the East Coast (note the capitalization) who hadn’t realised there was a three hour time difference during the summer months, and even then thought “Perth

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International Food Tour of Perth

You know how when you meet someone and they introduce themselves, but within five minutes you’ve completely forgotten their name? That’s how it was with one of the blokes on the International Food Tour of Perth which I undertook today. Thankfully, I knew he was the father of Justin, our tour guide. We shared a few interesting stories throughout the

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The Return Of Pork Boy

Not the best BBQ Pork in Perth

I am not entirely sure why, but I’ve struggled to find BBQ Pork in Perth. I’ve been to quite a few Asian eateries and have looked through the menu without any sign of BBQ pork. Lots of seafood. But no pork. I have specifically asked at a couple of places, only to be told, “No, we don’t do BBQ Pork”.

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Three Hours

I took my first work-related phone call from the Eastern States at about seven o’clock this morning. Even though it was in my diary, and I’d planned for it, I was still fairly bleary eyed. Still, I think I managed to make sense of it all. I think I also made sense when I took a call the other day

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Boy and Bear

Although for a while I was thinking “Boy & Bear” would be a good name for our team for the pop trivia night at Yaya’s, in the end it was probably best to go with “Le coqs sportif”. “Boy & Bear”, of course is the name of a highly successful Australian pop group at the moment, and although it would

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The Motorbike Frog

The Motorbike Frog in the backyard pond of Damian and Kate

Last night I encountered the sight and sound of the Motorbike Frog which apparently is the “most commonly encountered frog” in the South-West of Western Australia. I was in a backyard at Fremantle along with two colleagues and their respective partners, and we were have a really, really lovely time eating a wonderful meal, drinking some great wine, and chatting

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Perth Reflections

Swan River, Perth

Well here it is, Wednesday afternoon and I’m back home in Sydney, having spent the last four days of so visiting Perth, the city where I spent most of 2004. This was my second time back in Perth and, as with my last visit, I’ve had time to reflect on “what might have been”, had I stayed there instead of

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Goodbye Perth

It’s lunchtime Saturday and I’m sitting in an internet cafe in Fremantle. Earlier today, I removed the last of my belongings from my home in Perth – I’d left some clothes in a drawer – and I’m now officially living at the Novotel Hotel. The last week has been reasonably interesting with lots of highlights, both personal and professional, especially

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