Radio Alive

“I was on the verge of getting up and walking out”, a colleague told me over lunch. “He’s a disgusting, horrible person, and represents everything I hate”, she added. She was referring to the radio presenter, Kyle Sandilands, in conversation with TV presenter, Karl Stefanovic. They were on strage at Radio Alive, an annual radio […]


“Because a lot of producers come from a journalism background, they mostly think about the words. I love that he spent so much time speaking about the sound”, I said to someone over drinks at the end of #ozpod2019 today. We were talking about Dan Blank, creator of the fiction podcast, “Carrier”. Dan, incidentally, has […]

The Boy from Boree Creek

Having worked as a journalist and broadcaster for over thirty years, I’ve got to know a LOT of politicians. In my view, some of them have been very good people, and some of them have been arseholes. On one side of politics, I’ve had the son a politician threaten me with physical violence over a […]