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I’m the Manager of Local Planning for ABC Regional & Local, which is a role mostly focussed on the ABC’s Capital City Radio Network. Though I work mostly as a Manager, I still keep my hands “dirty” in radio presentation, with the weekly radio program, Editor’s Choice


Radio Crolls

My friend Kate and her mother, Joan have both appeared on ABC Local Radio in the last couple of weeks talking about their interests. Joan, who has been a regular letter-writer to the newspapers was on 702 ABC Sydney's Morning Show with Deborah Cameron. Kate, who has travelled widely in China was on 702 ABC ...

Blogging and Genealogy

One of my favourite personal interests is family history. My earliest memory of this interest goes back to high school when we all had to do a "family tree". Ever since then I've been fascinated. Although my interest is ongoing, I go through periods of great breakthroughs, and periods where nothing happens. I made a ...


On The Radio

702 Breakfast

And Then There’s Ray…

It was the end of a memorable night at The Andrew Olle Media Lecture, the annual cross-media shindig in Sydney. The lecture was delivered by Ray Martin whose central thesis was that good commercial television journalism is often supported by passionate media individuals, the likes of Murdoch and Packer. When media companies are run by ...


ABBA Museum

My friend Graeme Read was interviewed on 702 ABC Sydney tonight talking about various ABBA things, with the hook for the story being the recently announced opening of an ABBA Museum in Stockholm.


Why Blog?


Andrew Olle Dinner

It's Saturday night and I'm at work, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to update my website. Today has been a "blah" day... feeling a little hung-over... after attending last night's "Andrew Olle Dinner". As the guest speaker was Lachlan Murdoch, there was a large crowd of people in attendance, and Damien and I ...