Face for Radio

Twenty years ago, or so, the ABC used to feature a state-based TV show called “Snapshot”. It went to air just before the 7.00pm news. Hosted by people from ABC Radio, it was a brief “what’s on” program, focussing on arts and cultural events happening in each state. Put simply, the radio presenter would come […]

Back To Tamworth

For a brief moment today I was transported back to Tamworth (NSW), and in particular the Country Music Festival. The launch of the Golden Guitars for 2019 was held today at my workplace in Sydney. Attending, I was reminded of being one of the judges, and making my way through a crate-load of compact discs. […]

Radio Conferences

“I still can’t understand why a bunch of ABC people would go to a commercial radio conference”, my friend Sue said to me earlier today, as we sat and waited for our respective flights back to Sydney. “Despite working to different agendas – advertising sales vs public service – we both have similar objectives and […]