The Ballina Street Bridge

I suddenly realised tonight I don't know the name of the arched bridge connecting North and South Lismore over Leycester Creek via Wilson Street. It's not "The Wilson Street Bridge" because that's the name of the soon to be opened bridge which connects Wilson Street with the Industrial Estate, hopefully easing traffic on Union Street. … Continue reading The Ballina Street Bridge

Tropical Fruits Photography Exhibition

"Where The F... is 34 Union Street?", I asked myself out loud as I walked along Union Street, South Lismore, a street I've walked on many, many times. Although family members have lived on Union Street since the 1930s, I never once imagined there was a #34. Indeed, all of the numbers I've ever seen … Continue reading Tropical Fruits Photography Exhibition

South Lismore

As a child growing up in South Lismore, one of my strongest earliest memories was of the arrival at the nearby railway station of hundreds of people for the Aquarius Festival. Though it’s often described as Australia’s answer to Woodstock, I don’t think there was such a high musical component to it. But as a … Continue reading South Lismore