The Sports Gene

As this is my second sports-related post in a row, you might be thinking "What's happening with James? Where are the show tunes and theatre reviews you've come to associate with me and this blog?" The truth is I don't really have much of a sports gene. As a child I was never naturally gifted [...]

Stockholm or Sydney?

As I looked down on the ice and saw the surname, "Dahlberg" on the back of player number twenty-seven, I thought for a moment I could have been in Stockholm. Except for the fact I've never actually seen an ice-hockey match played in Sweden. In fact, this was my first ever ice-hockey match, and the [...]

Take The Other Turn

I was on my way to see a new exhibition at the ABBA Museum, highlighting the artists who have appeared over the years at Stockholm's amusement park, Grona Lund. However, as I got off the ferry, I took a right turn instead of a left. I've long been on the view that it's often a [...]

Holding The Man

Holding The Man

"I hadn't realised it was so soon after his death when the book was released", I told my friend. We had just been to see a screening of the movie version of "Holding The Man" at Sydney's Verona Cinema. We were right in the midst of the film in many ways. St Vincent's Hospital. "The [...]

Sydney Olympics

"Do you like my t-shirt?", I asked a friend at work today. "Yeah I do, though it's kinda crazy", she said to me with a laugh. I'm guessing she was referring to the rather strange phenomenon which occurred in the wake of the Sydney Olympics where people who were volunteer guides continued to wear in [...]

Matthew Mitcham

Matthew Mitcham

"Do you think he's actually written the book himself?", a colleague asked me the other day when I told her I'd been reading the Matthew Mitcham autobiography, "Twists & Turns". "Oh yeah, absolutely", I said. In some ways, reading the story of Matthew Mitcham was like reading a fairly lengthy blogpost. As well as the [...]

Ten Years Ago – The Sydney Olympics

Sydney Olympics Drag Queen

I can scarcely believe that tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sydney, and I wonder if you might drop me a line to give me an update on what's happened since September 2000. I'm quite confused. "How can it possibly be TEN YEARS since the Olympic Games [...]