I have lived in Sydney’s Surry Hills since 1995, and have seen lots of changes in that time, though many things remain the same. These are some of my blog posts about Slurry, Scruffy…

In the midst of the light rail construction currently underway in my neighbourhood, Surry Hills, there’s a terrific public art project, Double Take, which includes some wonderful night-time projections. Here are some of the photographs I snapped tonight.

A few months ago a friend and I got together over dinner at a restaurant in Surry Hills. Compared with many, I’m a long-term local, whereas she is a reasonably new arrival, but with a passion for the suburb in which we live. And a common concern, that as Surry Hills goes through the latest […]

“I live in Chinatown and so the places me and family eat are generally the Sussex Street Mall, and the Dixon Street Mall”, Dan Hong said, to the surprise of a lot of people attending tonight’s event at the Beresford Hotel. As the son of Angie Hong, a woman who was a pioneering Vietnamese chef […]

The traffic on Cleveland Street, Surry Hills is always pretty bad, especially on weekends, as people make their way to sports grounds or the beach. It was even worse yesterday, as I observed quite innocently with this Twitter post at about 2.15pm. I knew something was up, and in hindsight, I know I should have […]