Swedish Class

Like Sydney, Stockholm is a city under construction. In Sydney, it's the light rail; in Stockholm, it's the development around Slussen. I noticed this first two years ago, the last time I visited Stockholm, hoping for a break from the construction in Sydney https://jamesobrien.blog/2017/05/19/stockholm-under-construction-2/, only to find the same thing was underway in Stockholm. From … Continue reading Swedish Class

Melodifestivalen 2018

Standing at the bus-stop yesterday and looking down at my phone (as seems to be the fashion these days), I felt a nudge. I looked up and saw the smiling face of a colleague. We both share a passionate interest in the Eurovision Song Contest, and she opened with the line, "Is this the worst … Continue reading Melodifestivalen 2018

Melodifestivalen 2018 Deltävling #1

There were two genuine laugh out loud moments, as I watched the first heat of Melodifestivalen (now, appparently called "Mello"), the Swedish competition which chooses their entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest. As I've stated previously, I far prefer Melodifestivalen over Eurovision. Maybe it's because I've attended Melodifestivalen a couple of times? Or maybe because … Continue reading Melodifestivalen 2018 Deltävling #1