The city where I live. I came here in 1995 “for a few years” to “advance my career”. I fell in love, stayed longer than expected. And then, I don’t know, suddenly it’s twenty years later. Although I still toy with the idea of moving back to the country, Sydney is increasingly “home”.

Even though I’ve been to the National Art School on countless occasions, and I’ve been on several history walks which have touched on its history as East Sydney Tech College, and before that as the Darlinghurst Gaol, I’ve never really had much knowledge of the change chronology. So when I saw something on Eventbrite a […]

Though it takes about an hour to get from Central to Cabramatta via train, the trip is well worth it. Sue and I headed out today for the annual Moon Festival, which I understand is traditionally in Vietnam, a “mid-autumn celebration”. Both physically and metaphorically, Cabramatta is “home” to many Australians with Vietnamese heritage, because […]

This is Myra Demetriou, 90 years old, and refusing to leave her home. She lives in Sydney in public housing with “million dollar views”. She opened up her home for a couple of houes this morning to encourage awareness about the campaign to stop the building in which she lives from being pulled down. If you’ve […]

“I live in Chinatown and so the places me and family eat are generally the Sussex Street Mall, and the Dixon Street Mall”, Dan Hong said, to the surprise of a lot of people attending tonight’s event at the Beresford Hotel. As the son of Angie Hong, a woman who was a pioneering Vietnamese chef […]