Then & Now

Torch Strong Trilogy

By the time I got home on Friday night, I was absolutely exhausted. The last week has been crazy busy. At work, I have an important role to play in co-ordinating part of ABC Radio's response to breaking news events. Last week's "leadership spill" had me working long-hours throughout the entire week, with a high [...]

Two Terrific Plays

In high school, in 1982 or 1983 (I can't remember), we studied the play "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf". As we read the play in class, my teacher chose me to play the role of George. Typecast? My friend Sue played Martha. Anthony played Nick. Louise played Honey. We all loved our roles, and continue [...]

Mothers and Sons

Mothers and Sons at Ensemble Theatre

My initial attraction to "Mothers and Sons" was Tim Draxl. I've followed his career since the 90s, and fondly remember interviewing him as a nineteen or twenty year old singer "on the way up". Since then, I've seen him perform a number of times, and I've seen him in a number of movies. It was [...]

Tim Draxl sings Chet Baker

Tim Draxl sings Chet Baker publicity shot

As soon as I saw it advertised, I booked tickets straight away. It was an evening at one of my favourite cabaret bars in Sydney - Bar Me - featuring one of my favourite cabaret singers - Tim Draxl - doing the works of one of my favourite jazz musicians - Chet Baker - so [...]

What will Tim Draxl do next?

Grant and Tim

About half way through tonight's show by Tim Draxl at The Civic I found my mind wandering. "What's he going to do next?", I thought to myself, adding "He's done music, cabaret, films. Where's his headspace at?". Minutes later he articulated my very thoughts. "A lot of people have wondered what am I going to [...]

Tim Draxl

Michael Tyack and Tim Draxl at Supper Club

"Thanks for coming out tonight when you could have gone to the Bledisloe Cup" Tim Draxl declared at the opening of his show tonight, adding, "I don't even know what the Bledisloe Cup is". There was only one bloke in the room who looked remotely interested in the rugby, and he was there with his [...]

Still Summer

It's Sunday afternoon and it's another glorious day in Sydney. In fact it's been glorious all week. Winter is really holding out this year. It's the first of May and I'm sitting here in just shorts. And this time last year, I can remember being in Melbourne and almost being frozen to death. It was [...]