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Darwin Tourist

Florence Falls

Outside working hours, I’ve been doing a few tourist things during my stay in Darwin, including a sunset cruise and a trip to Litchfield National Park. On Tuesday, Kate and I went on a sunset cruise around Darwin Harbour. As there’s quite a few to choose from, I did some research, and settled on a cruise with “Sail Darwin”, on

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Wonderful Darwin

Mindil Beach Sunset

“Excuse me, Sir, you’ll need to show me some form of I.D.”, the young man at the bottle shop said to me tonight. That he was probably half my age, didn’t help, and so I put it to him that I was 52 years of age and hadn’t been asked for I.D. in about thirty years. It was then he

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Bruny Island

It’s funny how the phrase “the mainland” can mean two quite different things in Tasmania. You would assume, on the surface, it’s a reference to the “rest of Australia”. But on ABC Radio’s “Country Hour” the other day, I heard someone from King Island refer to “the mainland” as the “rest of Tasmania”. And I heard it used similarly today

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My Week in Hobart

Ten years ago, or even five years ago, I’m sure I could have been tempted to top off the evening with a nightcap at the nearby whiskey bar. But after a long day at work, several courses of food at Aløft, and a fair few glasses of beer, wine, and an Aperol spritz, we were all clear it was time

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Hello Hobart

For most domestic travel, and even some international, I can usually get by with carry-on luggage. A couple of pairs of shorts, a couple of polo shirts, a couple of collared shorts, some jeans, some socks and jocks and even a suit can be comfortably accommodated within the carry-on limit. This time around I’ve brought with me a few extra

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