Bruny Island

It’s funny how the phrase “the mainland” can mean two quite different things in Tasmania. You would assume, on the surface, it’s a reference to the “rest of Australia”. But on ABC Radio’s “Country Hour” the other day, I heard someone from King Island refer to “the mainland” as the “rest of Tasmania”. And I heard it used similarly today on Bruny Island. Before undertaking … Continue reading Bruny Island

San Sebastian and Bilbao

After a couple of days visiting San Sebastian and Bilbao, we’re on the train headed back to Madrid. In common with the trip from Barcelona to San Sebastian, the trip takes about five hours, and once again, we’re passing through the vast countryside of Spain. At first, the landscape from Barcelona to San Sebastian was largely flat. In some respects it resembled those parts of … Continue reading San Sebastian and Bilbao

Fiesta Nacional de España

With recent moves for Catalan political independence, it’s an interesting time to be in Barcelona. In common with our own “national day” there were lots of people walking around the city draped in the national flag. In stark contrast, the Catalan flag dominated the buildings, often accompanied by a sign with some kind of political statement about democracy. Overhead, a lone helicopter hovered as people … Continue reading Fiesta Nacional de España