Beautiful Winter Day

Opera House and Bridge

Despite the crap weather we've had over the last few weeks, Sydney really turned it on today. It was a beautiful day - warm, but not too warm; cool, but not too cool - and so Sue and I spent the afternoon wandering around the Royal Botanic Gardens. In between, we took in a tour [...]

Sydney Summer

For the last few days I've been needing an "excuse" to try out my new camera. For the first couple of days the sky has been a little grey. But even then, as the weather improved, and with good intentions, I was waylaid on another by colleagues to have a drink at a funky inner [...]

Clovelly Beach

Clovelly Beach

As I made my way down to the beach, I suddenly realised (through the unfamiliarity of the landscape) I'd never visited Clovelly Beach before. Sure, I've been for quite a few (mostly birthday) lunches at the Clovelly Hotel before, but never the beach. I was at the pub again today for a terrific birthday lunch [...]

45 Minutes in Ballina

Ballina, NSW, Australia

After the glorious weather of the last few days, I've arrived back in Sydney to a thunderstorm. I like thunderstorms, by the way. I went in to the Lismore office for work today and got a remarkable amount done. I guess that's always the way when you're out of your regular workspace. Mid afternoon, I [...]

Extreme Iceland

On the beach near the village of Vik in South East Iceland. We were hoping to see the basalt formations in the ocean, but the weather turned bad quickly. We still had lots of fun. It was quite an experience.

There was a point half way through the day when I couldn't stop giggling. Along with the rest of the tour group, I was standing on a beach on the south east coast of Iceland. We were all very cold and it was snowing. The on-line brochure and accompanying research I'd done before-hand suggested clear [...]

Weird Weather Friday

It was quite fine when I woke this morning, and then minutes later we had torrential rain. The rain continued as I made my way to work. Half an hour later, and it was sunny. Actually it was hot in my office, and I could feel the warmth of the sun come through. Later it [...]