New Norcia

\ New Norcia is unique in Australia: it’s a village founded and mostly inhabited by a group of Benedictine Monks. Yes, Benedictine Monks, who settled the community in 1846. Why? Good question. It would appear, however, the founder, Dom Rosendo Salvado, had a belief in the need to form an Australian ministry and, according to […]

Sue Pays A Visit

It’s Saturday morning and it’s overcast in Perth. I’ve just made some coffee and Sue is currently making toast and will join me soon to help compose this latest entry. Ah, she’s here. Sue arrived from Melbourne on Monday night. Although she was here only a few weeks ago, we didn’t really have much of […]


I travelled to Broome both for work and pleasure. Rest assured, I won’t bore you, dear reader, with the work aspect of my visit, and will concentrate instead on what I did whilst there: nothing much really.The inactivity was mostly due to the weather. On most days this week the temperature was in the mid […]


Although the Swan River colony was established in 1829, Perth is a relatively new city, and many of the locals have told me the 1983 America’s Cup win was the event that really “made” Perth and Fremantle in particular. That said, although Fremantle has some wonderfully well-preserved old buildings, the same can’t be said for […]